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We are better together

At AGL, we have zero tolerance for racism, and are committed to fighting against discrimination regardless of the form it takes.

#BlackLivesMatter #AboriginalLivesMatter

What makes AGL different?

  • Trusted for generations

    Over 180 years, we've been trusted by millions of Australians to power their homes and businesses.

  • We give power to our people

    Our employees support causes they're passionate about with our matched-giving and volunteering programs.

  • We're right behind renewables

    We're the biggest ASX-listed investor in renewable energy, plus operate Australia's largest electricity generation portfolio.

Great rewards for AGL customers

AGL Rewards gives you deals from some of Australia's biggest brands. 
Enjoy everyday discounts on groceries, shopping, furniture and more.
Plus, collect flybuys points just by paying your home energy bill.

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